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From analysis to media monitoring, we offer an array of services to provide you with relevant information on your brand, competitors and industry, enabling you to productively enhance your media reporting and empower your teams for the future

Concept's Business Intelligence Unit is a combination of industry defining Media Monitoring Capabilities, Analytic Tools & Consultative Client Relations. We deliver business critical news and information that can be used by leading corporates across industries to gain and maintain their competitive edge.

Top-of-the-line technology and cutting edge software solutions supported by regular manual interventions enable our team to track news across print, electronic and online media platforms, pan India. Thus empowering clients' PR and Communication teams to make informed decisions.

Our customized, up-to-the-minute, trusted data monitoring services allow client partners to keep their ears to the ground, while our keen analysis ensures they get a fair value vz-a-vz competition and are able to capitalize on opportunities while minimizing risks.

With a team strength of over 150 people, we create an efficient blend of media monitoring and research analysis professionals. Today we track over 1500 companies across 136 plus industries from over 40 cities in India and also maintain an archive of over 100,00,000 articles and counting since 2002.

1) Time Critical Capabilities

We provide 24*7 services to our clients through midnight updates, followed by early morning alerts and updates throughout the day from online, print and electronic media.

2) Extensive Network

With a presence in over 40 Indian cities, we cover all Tier 1 cities as well as reach all major Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.

3) Tracking Universe

Leading the industry with the largest tracking universe of over 1125 publications on a national and regional level, we cover all major sectors in India. Our team also tracks over 150 websites and over 50 news channels, regularly.

4) Customized Deliverables:

All analysis reports meet the company specified parameters. Our team has the capability to include, suggest and improve on the parameters laid out.

5) Help Nurture Media Relations

An in-depth understanding of media and journalists' opinions and perspective enables us to guide client partners to relevant journalists who could define a relevant angle to every story.

6) Easy To Use Interface

Client partners can use our portal to build and download targeted searches, receive pertinent, critical information while filtering out irrelevant noise. Thus enabling quantitative analysis of where the company stands viz-a-viz competition.


Analytics Services

It is not only important to get the relevant buzz in the media but also to analyze or audit your PR efforts vz-a-vz your competitors to gain and maintain the leadership stature in the industry.

The following reports will help you ensure that your efforts are getting the required attention and reaching the right audience.

Our reports are customized to identify the media SWOT of each client enabling planning of PR strategies. With a mix of relevant software and manual inputs, we create deliverables to meet your requirements and timelines.

  1. Evaluating the coverage or media response is positive, negative or neutral.
  2. Analyze competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Help target members of the media who are uniquely interested in your product or service categories.
  4. Spot potential problems and address them in real time.
We provide the flexibility to choose your time frame and create and download this report on key parameters like share of voice, geographical spread, media spread, etc. from our website. The same would also be accessible via our monthly media dossiers.
Designed to keep you updated on key industry trends, government regulations and policies, sector specific stock market movements and news on the major players from the industry. We also help identify the upcoming sector specific events with organizer and participant details to give you an opportunity to participate as speakers, sponsors or as visitors.

Monitoring Services

In today's rapidly changing environment, news monitoring across all media channels is critical for all organizations. In order to keep clients abreast with relevant information regarding policy, industry or competition, our team compiles comprehensive reports from all three platforms i.e. print, online and electronic media.

  1. With the largest tracking universe of over 1125 publications, 10000+ India specific websites and 50 news channels, we currently track over 1500 companies, 136 industries and all relevant government related policies and news.
  2. Recognized for our capabilities to deliver media updates by 7 am, 7 days a week.
  3. Enable convenience of accessing relevant media clips across digital platforms.
  4. Tracking relevant coverage across Tier I, II and major Tier III cities through our over 100 city network in India and Internationally..
  5. Offer value added services that include press release impact reports and flagging of negative news on a priority basis to enable our clients to plan and take timely, informed decisions.
  6. Acknowledged for maintaining of the best accuracy rates in the industry.
  7. Our portal facilitates exclusive and confidential company account management via unique log-in ID and password enabling you to download, share relevant media articles with your stakeholders and carry out the required analytics.
  8. Access to one of industry's largest archive database of over 100,00,000 articles, on leading corporate houses, industries and government policies, compiled since 2002.
  9. Interactive media dossiers shared at the end of every month highlighting critical parameters like top stories, key journalists, quantitative analysis, as well as the entire month's compilation of company, competition and industry specific articles.

Auxiliary Services

Besides analytics, we also provide translation services and advertisement monitoring to our clients.

To overcome the difficulty in interpreting the vernacular media, we provide translation services in all Indian languages for our clients across the country.
Is an exclusive service that tracks client ads vz-avz competition ads across media platforms to help brand planners and strategists remain a step ahead of competition.
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JournoLIST - Your ONLINE Journalist Relationship Management Tool: Brand Relationship across stakeholders & target audiences has become a science and requires intelligent technology. For the world of PR & Corporate Communications, journalists across media platforms are very important target audiences.

Concept BIU has devised JournoLIST - a unique and client friendly Journalist Relationship Management (JRM) online software interface that allows PR Firm and CorpComm professionals to do multi-tasking and maintain a centralized communications channel with journalists across the country


The salient features of JournoLIST are:

  • Disseminates press releases as per communication plan
  • Provides status monitoring report and quantitative analysis of press release
  • Allows access to more than 7000+ Journalist database across different media genre, beats and mediums across width and depth of the country
  • Enables Mass as well as Custom mail for all On-going/Adhoc communication requirements across different journalist sets
  • Provides fast and reliable updates of journalist movements through Concept BIU intelligence
  • Stores multiple media lists in one place
  • Creates clusters as per communication plan requirements
  • Filters Target journalists with simple clicks
  • Provides email bounce-back reports and resends after required editing
  • Offers Multi-client press release handling solution for the benefit of PR Agencies
  • JournoLIST tech solution brings the added advantage of trusted Concept BIU Monitoring services
  • SaaS based Technology Model offers with high-end data security and unlimited archiving


Concept BIU puts Indian PR Measurement Industry on the Global Map

  1. Clinches TWO MEDALS at the Global AMEC AWARDS 2020
  2. Becomes the ONLY Indian PR Measurement Player to have been Acknowledged

AMEC is the International Association for Measurement And Evaluation of Communication. The AMEC Awards is a global awards programme for communications measurement.Know more:

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